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J. Bruce Jones is a #1 International Best-Selling Author, graphic designer, and product developer. Bruce writes, speaks, and consults on publishing, blogging, and product creation. Bruce is the author and creator of over 50 books, on geography, music, business, publishing, children’s, and coloring. He also practices Tai Chi and plays with his hula hoops when he gets a chance.

Looking for a speaker or guest to interview, Bruce speaks on self-publishing. Reach out and contact me on Facebook or give a call 781-492-0742.

He is the creator and manager of the Facebook Group, How to Publish Your Book, which is approaching 5,000 authors and self-publishers. Where people are  releasing books every day.

He has authored or produced over 50 books, including his newest, How to Self-Publish Your Book. In this updated book, J. Bruce Jones takes you through all the steps to publishing your book on KDP/Amazon/Kindle. He covers paperback, hardcover, and e-book. Lots of new marketing info, more in-depth e-book info, and additions to how to launch a best-selling book.

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My own story of how I came to writing

My own story is that my earliest ideas of what I want to do from age 5 on were to, own my own business, work with TV and film, make products and write books. I have now done all of these things. The hardest one was writing books. I am dyslexic. For me, writing was just about impossible. I could barely put a sentence together for most of my life. If I don’t get a word out correctly the first time it is gone. I was the kid in class that built the projects to get out of the writing assignment. All through high school and college, I struggle to write anything. I changed my major in my senior year, the second semester just so I wouldn’t have to write a thesis.

When I worked in the corporate world different managers would help me out with memos and writing. I didn’t learn to write until in was in my early 50s. I then started blogging and just forced myself to put words down, I was just determined to write stuff. Around that time I just happen to take an internet marketing course that made you write out a business plan in small little chunks. I did that, combined with my blogging and when the course was done some kind of switch happened in my head and I could write. And I haven’t stopped since. It just pours out. It is all non-fiction, how to kind of stuff but never stops.

Now I love to write. It went from torture to joy. I plan writing assignments for when I fly on planes. I take off days and go and write. It is such a joy to be able to put words down. I wish I had some fiction stories in my head, but I don’t, but I am ok with what I write. You never know how it is going to work out. Never give up

Smile and Other Lessons from 25 Years in Business

Small book of big lessons learned

Being self-employed, gives one the opportunity to learn, explore and try many new and different strategies to achieve success and fulfillment. Having control over one’s destiny is satisfying and fun. After 25 years of building and running a successful business, these are some of the actions and ideas that I have found that created positive results and have led to many business successes.

Available as a  Kindle eBook


I am an elected official in the Town of Groton, CT and support and work with the open space areas and trails in the town. This question pops up a lot so I am posting it here so I can easily find it.

The question is about do we have hiking trails in the town? The Town of Groton, CT has fantastic trails all over it. The town has made a commitment to open space over the last 50 years and the trails and open spaces are fantastic.

We have four overlapping sets of trails in the town
1. Town of Groton Trails, https://www.groton-ct.gov/departments/parksrec/parks/index.php

2. Groton Open Space Association Trails, GOSA, https://www.gosaonline.org/

3. State of CT trails and parks. Bluff Point, and Haley, https://portal.ct.gov/DEEP/State-Parks/Listing-of-State-Parks

4. Avalonia trails. https://avalonia.org/

Many of these trails cross over into neighboring towns. They are all well marked and pretty clear with all the traffic we had from 2020.