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Antique, Bible and Other Map Collections

Antique Historical Maps
Royalty Free Vintage Maps

A unique royalty free downloadable collection of over 125 Antique and Historical Maps from the US Library of Congress Geography and Map Division’s historical map collections. Includes maps from the 1500s to the 1900s of the collection. Maps can be used for design, education, websites, and presentations.

INCLUDES: World Maps, European Maps, The Americas, North and South, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, US Maps, States, and City maps 

Available in one downloadable collection

Bible Maps
Africa, Middle East & Holy Land

Collection of Royalty Free, Editable PowerPoint Middle Eastern Country and Regional Maps. Along with a collection of Antique, Historical, new and old testament, and holy sites jpg maps that you can download to your computer for religious church studies, educational projects or class materials.

Collection Includes:

• Middle East editable country and regional maps, PowerPoint format
• Middle East editable country and regional maps, jpg format
• Antique Bible maps, cities, regions and holy sites, jpg format
• Middle East Antique country maps, jpg format

Maps are royalty free and can be shared with your church and class.

Available in one downloadable collection

World Flags
Over 200 JPG Clip Art Flags

World of Maps Flags Collection, a collection of 200 world flags in jpg format. Perfect for educational projects, homeschool, and presentations. Includes major, smaller and island nations, countries, and territories from around the world. 

We start with Afghanistan to Australia, Belize, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, South Africa, Sweden, the United States, and finishing up with Zimbabwe. About 250 flags in all. Included are several sizes of the United States Flag. The flags are from the CIA World Fact Book collection, are royalty-free and copyright free.

Each flag is about 7 inches in size at 72dpi in JPG, RGB format

Available in one Downloadable Collection