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Cool Things to Do with Your Book Idea

I subscribe to the email newsletter Publicity Hound’s Tips of the Week, by Joan Stewart this came my way today. Some great ideas to do if you are putting together a book. Remember in these days of print on demand and e-publishing, books don’t have to be hundreds of pages long, the one I wrote is 20.

Idea Number 4: Think Beyond Your Book

Thinking of writing a book? Or already working on your next one?

Don’t write another word until you do this assignment.

Sit down with a pen and paper and start making a list of all the
ways you can monetize the book, other than the cover price of the

Think board game, calendar, workbook, subscription newsletter,
audio book, being a media spokesperson, boot camp, CD or DVD,
keynote presentations, consulting, mentor program, corporate
training, teleseminars, special reports and White Papers,
reference guide and home study course.

And those are just for starters. I hear from too many authors who
write a book, fail to follow up with some of the ideas above,
and then gripe that the book isn’t making money. Unless you don’t
care about multiple streams of revenue, the book should be a
springboard for spin-off products and services.

Many of the ideas I mentioned work equally well for fiction
authors. You sometimes have to think a little more creatively.

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