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MGH Eat Street Cafe Hallway Renovation Project, Original Wall

Original hallway wall around the Eat Street Cafe located in the basement at Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital. The project involved renovations to the floors, walls and ceilings. Our part of it was designing a mural that ran between the top bumper rail and the ceiling in the two hallways around the edge, approx. 270′. The mural was to highlight food elements, the Cafe, brighten up the hallway and let people know that there was a cafe behind the wall.

These two hallways, which form a large L, in the basement at MGH handle a huge amount of foot and motorized cart traffic during the day. Approximately 10,000 people a day go through the cafe entrance. The carts, which are kind of like little trains, carry supplies, food, trash, all kinds for stuff that runs a hospital.