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How Do I Get My YouTube Video Found in Search?

Over the next several weeks we will be blogging on tips and techniques for getting your videos on YouTube found in the popular search engines. 

Welcome to “FAST START VIDEO; 10 Essential Tips for Making and Showing Effective Business and Marketing Videos on YouTube. 

You’ve Made Your Video – “Now What?” the guide for marketing your videos on YouTube. YouTube is one of your main access points to the world. YouTube, which is owned by Google, is broadcast around the globe for free and, as of this writing is seen by 2 billion viewers a day. When you think YouTube, think global, whether it is showcasing your music, your products, your thoughts on a subject, or just your funny cat. It is global platform, and most importantly, it is a free way to deliver your content. Think about that. You can run a world-wide campaign for free. YouTube is seen by more than 2 billion viewers a day. That is a lot of potential customers. Using our NOW WHAT? guide will help you greatly in this process.
Working with YouTube can be broken down into several steps:
1. Creating the video
2. Uploading the video
3. Working inside your YouTube account to enhance it
4. and then promoting the video on and off the YouTube site.
Each step is important to being found on the web and capturing maximum exposure.
This guide will help you set up your videos in your YouTube account to help them get exposure in YouTube and in Google search.
Video File Upload page. This is the page where the title, descriptive information, key words or tags and category is entered.