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Pick a YouTube Account/Channel Name That Relates to Your Subject

Pick an account name that relates to your subject.

1. Pick an Account/Channel Name That Relates to Your Subject.
Your YouTube Account is also your YouTube Channel and is your home on YouTube. It is much more than just a name. You can include all kinds of information here, from your basic name to your web address, likes, information about what you do, links, phone numbers, and contact info. Along with all the text info, you can also manage your subscribers, friends, and playlists. The channel includes all of your videos. If someone is interested in one of your videos, they can also see all of your other ones from this one page. Without a lot of effort, you can also customize your page with your logo and organization’s branding.

Your channel page, shows your profile, video views, subscribers, friends, descriptive text with web links, comments and updates. You can also give this page a customized background. This is your YouTube home page.

So, while we are here with videos and pictures, the essence of Google is all about text; cataloging text, displaying text, and indexing text. Successfully attracting viewers to your YouTube videos is all about the effect use of words. You can help search along by creating a better YouTube account name than SugarCup345. Try to include your main business keyword in the account name or maybe your personal or company name. YouTube also lets you have multiple accounts, so it is easy to set up a new Channel for different products or website or whatever service you are promoting.

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