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Keyword Your YouTube Video Title and Add a Web Address to Get Found

One of the most important parts of your YouTube Video is the title. Titles are super important to Google and how you treat them makes a big difference in the frequency of your video being found and viewed. Titles are added when you upload your video.

Your Title is Key
Your title is key to Google and YouTube searches so setting it up is important and using keywords plays a big roll. Remember you are attracting two audiences: the viewer who is looking for your video, and Google and YouTube search. YouTube search is the number two search engine on the web today and it will shortly become the number one even beating out Google. It is hard to believe that people search YouTube that much but they do. They use it to look for local restaurants, how-to information, product help guides, info on favorite personalities or bands. From what I also understand, if you have two or more videos on YouTube, you are 51 times more likely to be found in Google search. Google owns YouTube and positions it prominently.

You Must Have a Descriptive Title
To get your video found, you need a descriptive title with the essential keywords for your subject. Your title isn’t the name of the video file that you upload, but it is something that is thought out and added when you upload your video. Think search. Think “how would people find my video.” Try finding a similar video to yours. What did you put in the search box? Did it work? Good title keywords can be found by looking at other similar videos.  Search in YouTube and look at the top one through five videos that pop up. What are they about? Try using the Google Keyword External Tool. This is a great place to get keyword ideas. Search in Google and look at the websites that come up and that are similar to yours. What words are they using? You don’t have a huge amount of space but it is very easy to give your video an effective title.

Along with a good title, one of the cool things you can do is to add your web address to the end of your title. This isn’t a live link but tells the viewer that you have a web address and what it is. How about adding your name or company name to your title? All of these ideas work. It is all about thinking from the perspective of the person searcher and Google.

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