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How to Get Effective Results Out of Your Social Media Efforts

I have been giving talks and consulting lately on building your presence online and getting found. Here are some to the points that I think are important.

  • In all of your social media platforms, Linkedin, Facebook, Google Places, YouTube one of the major keys is to fill in all the boxes that they give you completely. Most people don’t do this, they leave many blank or just put in a couple of words, you can stand you if you fill in all the boxes.
  • When you are filling in the boxes or blog posts or Twitting, use good relevant keywords and text. Always think about search, how are people are looking for what you are saying, they are using search.
  • Do your blogging, Linkedin status updating, Facebooking on a consistent steady basis. You have to keep the stream going. Find a pace that is comfortable and keep at it.
  • Tell a story, ask questions, inform
  • Cross link between platforms. If you post on your blog, mention it on your Facebook page with a link. Google loves backlinks, and you can move your readers from platform to platform
  • Mix text, images and video. Always carry a camera, use it, post a YouTube video on your Facebook page, put images in your Picassa or Flickr account, keep it varied.
  • Keep doing it.
  • Look for selling opportunities, can you pull your posts together and make a Kindle book, pull your videos together and make a DVD that you sell on Amazon using KDP/Amazon, maybe a Cafepress t-shirt, how about bringing in an affiliate product from Amazon or Commission Junction.
  • Keyword and link everything, if you post on Flickr make sure your put a live link in the photo caption. Here is my Flickr Account. If you have a YouTube channel drop in the link, here is mine for my How To Edit Maps YouTube Channel

Here is the short list from above

  • Fill in all the boxes
  • Good, key worded, relevant text
  • Post consistently
  • Tell a story, ask questions, inform
  • Cross-link between all platforms
  • Mix text, images, video
  • Keep doing it
  • Look for selling opportunities, Kindle, KDP/Amazon, Affiliate
  • In descriptions keyword and link everything


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