Make stuff, sell stuff

5. Fill in the Rest of the Video Description Box with Text, Include Live Web Links

Next comes your description text. YouTube allows you to put in a ton of text. A lot of other video hosting sites limit you to 150 words or so, but YouTube doesn’t seem to set limits on this, and all of it is indexed by Google. So drop in the transcript of your video; add in company info; if you are a songwriter put in the lyrics; put in the chords of the song so others can play. Talk about the subject matter in your video. List how people can contact you. Put in your web address so folks can link back to your website or other information. Drop in resources. This is a great place to tell your story and Google indexes all of it.

On your web links make sure you put in the full web address including the http:// part. This give your viewer a direct live link back to your website or where ever you want to connect them to. How cool is that! You don’t want to be keyword stuffing this area, but make sure you work your essential keywords into your copy. Remember, the search engines read all of this.

The other big point here is that almost no one is doing this. Most videos are losing a huge opportunity to be found. It is very easy to become ranked in the top group of YouTube searches just by filling in the description box with good, relevant copy and lots of it. Remember that YouTube will be the number one search engine shortly, get your videos ready.