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7. Tags and Keywords for Your Video

This is a big one; super important. Google works by indexing the text it finds on webpages, in descriptions, captions, anywhere there are words. It does this using keywords or tags that it finds (the words keywords and tags mean the same thing). People search by typing words into Google and YouTube search they think will give them links to the places they want to go. These words are called keywords or phrases. When there is a match between the keyword or phrase that you typed into the search box, Google or YouTube can make a connection and send you there.

In YouTube the keywords are located at the bottom of the Description area and are added while you are uploading your video.

YouTube gives you a lot of room to add keywords in the Tag box, around 400 characters worth. Describe your video with keywords, the subject matter, people’s names, organization’s names, use different versions of the keywords, with an “s” without an “s”, as many as you can.

How do you find these words? Well, one of the easiest ways is to do a Google search on your video’s subject and look at the sites that come up at the top of the search page. Look at their keywords for ideas and adjust them to use for your video.

Google Keyword Tool External
The Google Keyword tool gives you a window into what is being searched on for any phrase or keyword on Google and has tons of words you can use. Search in Google and look at the bottom of the search results page, and you will see what Google thinks are the important search terms for your subject. Now, with Google Insight, these appear right below the search box as you are searching.

There are many ways to find these words. The important thing is to use them to help people find your video.