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11. Bonus Tip: Outside of YouTube, Increase Your Viewers. Get More Exposure

Ok, you have made your video, you have uploaded it, titled it, tagged it, and written a killer description with your live web links. You put calls to actions in the actual video with all kinds of contact info. You are ready to rock. Ok, what next?

One of the genius moves that YouTube came up with was to let people freely embed videos on websites, Facebook accounts, blogs, really anywhere you want. Not only do they allow this but they give you the code to do it. They make it super easy.

Depending on the site on which you want to play your videos, there are two types of code you can use. The code is located just below the video and the short Description line. Some sites like Facebook use just the web address up at the top or the link in the Share button. Copy and paste this into the status box on your Facebook wall. The video will appear. Other sites like Blogger blogs use the Embed code. Again, copy and p,aste it into your blog posts. The embed code also allows for some customizing. You can change several things, including the size of the video and the color of the player. You will have to figure out which works for your particular site but the videos play almost everywhere.

The important thing here is that you can greatly increase the exposure of your video by dropping it into any and every place that you can. A second cool thing is that they don’t have to be your videos. You can drop any YouTube video into your site. This is a great way to add content and spread information to your viewers.

An important point to remember when you are making your videos is to put all your essential contact info right in the video, use a lower third, or at the end. Most people don’t copy the video title or description text when they embed videos on their site. They just take the video. If the contact info is right in the video then the viewer can reach you wherever they view it. This also helps if someone wants to steal your video; you have it branded with your information.