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Publishing and Distributing Your Book in Today’s On-line World

I was asked  the other day by an author friend of mine about finding a book store distributor. He said his current challenge was to find the best book (store) distributor. Who did I like, do you have a contract, and if you do, do you have a sample of that contract.

All good questions, my answer was I don’t have any of these things and don’t do any of them. My entire publishing world is on-line. I use on-line print on demand publishers, on-line distributors, my book stores are on-line, I market on-line, take my payments on- line, and collect my royalties and have them deposited in my bank. I don’t touch anything. and here is the most important thing, I pay nothing for all of this. When I make a sale my royalties are 4 to 8 times traditional publishing.

My friend came out of the world of self publishing and then traditional publishing with piles of books sitting in his garage.

Over the next several posts I will explore this topic.