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Printing and Publishing a Book On-Line

Ok so what do I use? For printing I use two places, which is a division of and, both are print on demand publishers, you load up your book in PDF format, they store the files, give you a catalog or store page and when a sale is made they print and ship, all for free., is part of, your book is on the Amazon site, you are a regular Amazon author, you can have an Amazon author page, quality is excellent, binding is a limited-just paperback, black and white or color, but Amazon gets 94,000,000 visitors a month, you can also pay $39 for an upgrade to full distribution package to all kinds of channels but you don’t have to, if you want the will supply an. ISBN number, all books must have one to get into distribution,, independent, lots of binding options, perfect, saddle, coil, paperback, hardcover, wrapper, there is also an upgrade package if you want wider distribution, quality is excellent. If you are looking for a more traditional looking book this is a good option, site gets about 600,000 visitors a month. Not Amazon but very flexible and you can upgrade to distribute through them.

My advice is to do both, all of these sites are nonexclusive.

Once you have the book done you can also put it on the Amazon Kindle and on the Barnes and Noble Nook, there are just use Word files, you load them up, give them a cover, pick a price and work that channel. Again all of this is basically free.

Publish on Amazon Kindle with Kindle Direct Publishing