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Marketing Your Self-Published Books

All right on to marketing, in the old days we had publishers to market our books and for that we got a dollar per book in royalties. Now we have to market our books ourselves and to do this we use services like FaceBook, blogs, websites, and

So step one is a simple website or blog named after your book.

Step two, blog the book, the whole thing paragraph by paragraph or graphic by graphic. Talk about the process, don’t worry about someone not buying the book because you blogged the entire thing. No one really wants to read a book like this, what you are doing is playing to Google. You are sending out lots and lots of great copy. In fact some smart writers don’t wait until the book is done, they are writing the book right on the blog, getting comments, building a mailing list, gather fans, when the book is done you have this built in fan list, a must if you want to go to a traditional publisher and or sell the book. is great for this. Make sure you have a link to your book on

Step three. Set up a FaceBook page for the book, a Twitter account, a Flickr and Picassa account, some other social media account. Every blog post you do you also, etc it. Do some YouTube videos on the book, read the book and record it, turn it into an mp3 file and sell it in or iTunes

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