Make stuff, sell stuff

Some Final Thoughts on Self Publishing

Two really important things to think about as you write and produce your books, global and free.

One, everything we do on-line is global, always think can I sell this in Japan, England and the town next door. It is a huge market out there.

Second, almost  everything I mentioned is free or almost free. You can publish, print and promote all for free.  Yes your time cost something but hopefully what we are writing about is something we love so it isn’t such a big effort. For almost no money we have access to the world, there are a lot of customers out there.

Ok so get out there publish and push your product out into the world.
Here are a couple of my books, Essential Chords is with CreateSpace and Smile is with Kindle
Essential Chords, Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele and Banjo: Chord Fingering Charts for the Major, Minor, and Seventh Chords, Keys, Barre Chords, Arpeggio ... Scales, Blank Chord Boxes and Sheet Music Smile and Other Lessons from 25 Years in Business