Make stuff, sell stuff is So Cool, Publish Your Books and Publications

I discovered something so cool today,, this is a site that you can publish your books, magazines, newsletters, and any documents you might have online. We have had for a long time for doing this, but this site has style and it lets you embed your document, like here on this blog. I love the look, it is crisp, clean, and very easy to move around in. On a good iMac the results are spectacular.

I am going back to all my odd books and loading them up. Here is Antique Historical World Maps from 1500-1900 from a couple of years ago. I made a pdf, loaded it up and within 10 minutes I had it over at Issuu. Check them out if you if you want another channnel to distribute your content. And remember in this new age, one page can make a book. What a great way to publish you images. Check them out at