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How I Keep On Top, Essential Resources I Use to Run My Business

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It has been a fascinating and challenging time in the graphic design, marketing world. Over the last several years my world has gone from almost all print-related design to web-related everything. How you market your business still has some print parts, but all kinds of new marketing channels have entered the picture, email, video, web, social media, Facebook, Google +, on and on. It is changing on a daily basis and takes a constant effort to stay on top of it and try to integrate these changes into my business and on to my clients.

The world is moving from outside services that we use to hire to many of us having to do all of these things ourselves. So here are 5 resources that I currently call on to guide me through the changes. All of these are free subscriptions that I receive by email.

My Top 5
Mashable is one of the leading news sites on technology, social media, marketing, video, all things web and business related. They have at least 12 different topics that they write on, I follow the Social Media feed. Very well organized keeps you up to date.

Chris Brogan
Chris is one of those amazing people that you just can’t believe can know so much and write so much. Chris writes on business, new technology, being in business, being human and relating to your customers.

Joan Stewart and Publicity Hound
Every Tuesday I receive an email from Joan on PR and Marketing related topics, short, to the point, and topics on things I can actually do as a small business owner. I recommend Joan Stewart to everyone
The world is changing dramatically if you are a publisher or a writer. We don’t need publishers anymore, anyone can write, market, sell and deliver books all over the world. I have 7 books out there and almost 30 in the pipeline. writes on the economics and business of digital content and keeps me up to date on the changes.

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