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Lots of Cool Ideas for Making Web Videos

I subscribe to the Social Media and they had an excellent post on 29 Tips to Make Your Video Marketing Easy. Just some great ideas by different people on ways to make video. Here were some of my favorites with my followup notes:

1. Just get going, start doing it, any camera will do.
2. Set up and screen capture your story using the Google Search Story technique, pretty cool
3. Get the best, most upbeat person in your company to do the video
4. Publish on a consistent basis, these don’t have to be long, just all the time
5. Mention other people in your video, promote other things, spread the love
6. Trade shows and events are great places to grab a quick industry related video.
7. How to videos Rock, video tutorials can be very powerful and very helpful to your customers. Screenflow on the Mac and Camtasia on the PC. There is also and, online versions. Screenflow is worth buying a Mac just to use
8. Video responding, answer customer questions using video, have conversations using video
9. Ask your customers to respond to what you are doing using video, run a contest, have your customers make videos for something and win a prize.
10. Create a video series, one keep them short, two talk about what is coming up in the next video, three, link them all together in YouTube, make a video directory, but them all on your website, pull them all together when done and turn them into a DVD that you sell or give away
11. Embed it on your email opt-in page describing what you get by signing up.
12. Make personal videos.
13. Use YouTube Search and Suggest to find ideas for videos. Search in the YouTube search box, see the terms flying by, use this info to spark new ideas
14. Remember most videos aren’t watched longer than about 20 seconds, so make sure you have all the important stuff right up front. Then repeat in longer detail
15. Use YouTube Annotations to link your videos together and to add additional info that got left out when making.
16. Remember the title, the description with a live link and then the keywords.(check out our video guide over on the right)
17. Turn you videos into podcasts, (I have to figure out how to do this)