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Referrals Still Bring in 95% of My Business

How do I get new clients? Well if I look back over the past 25 years almost all of my business has come from referrals from my existing clients, probably to the degree of almost 95% of it. I have put a lot of effort into the new media, Linkedin, blogs, website and general social media and some of it has even starting to work for me in terms of new clients finding me on the web. But personal referrals are still the single most important factor in getting new business. Thank you everyone who has done that, much appreciated.

What I have seen though is that the referrals will often go and look at the web and social medial first to figure out if I fit for their business. But it all starts with a recommendation.

What Makes a Good Referral
Ok, so what is a good referral? If someone mentions that they are looking for a new designer or someone to help with their marketing or design needs then that is someone I should talk to. I act as a lead designer and a supporting one, either one works. I work with both existing businesses and non-profits and ones just getting off the ground.

With the changing economy I have learned a lot of new skills in the past couple of years, so if someone needs video marketing, how to videos, short stories, I do a lot of that these days, from shooting to editing to getting them up on the web. I also consult and lecture on social media and get a business going on that too.

I still do all the regular print and web graphic design, including brochures, books, ads, and event graphics plus tradeshow and environmental graphics, including vehicles. If you need help give a call, or a referral.

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