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Bruce Jones Speaks at the 2011 Media Literacy Conference at MIT

I had a great opportunity this weekend and spoke at the 2011 Media Literacy Conference at MIT run by The focus of the event was on youth, Learning, Collaborating and Creating the Future of Education. I spoke at an open forum and my topic was on Backpack Journalism. Talking about the equipment a solo video journalist needs to carry, tips on shooting and resources and produced a 4 page handout covering the material. It went very well, some excellent discussions on different options that you have to utilize the footage you have beyond just producing a video. is an non-organization founded by Alan Michel, that was established in 1974 with the mission to make a positive difference in the lives of young people through teaching the use of video production and media analysis to educators and youth. Their programs help students develop creative media projects that foster teamwork and communications skills and run many programs in the Boston school system.