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New Book from Bruce Jones, How to Stand Out on Line

I am proud to release my newest book, How to Stand Out Online, Simple Techniques to Be Found Online Using Social Media and the Web.

Cultivating visibility online is a process of putting yourself and your content out on a variety of platforms with a variety of active and passive techniques that get you in front of the people and organizations that need to know about you.  The content needs to be original, matter to your readers, accessible to the search engines and connected with clear links back to your home site. In this short read, How to Stand Out Online takes you through this process from the Keys to Being Found Online, Your Web Home and the Active and Passive Sites one needs to have to be successful.

My book is broken down into three parts, in part two I cover how to build market leadership and connections to the leaders and organizations in your market. The goal is to go from following the market to leading the market and becoming an authority in it.

Part three gives you a brief overview of how we can use this platform to not only promote ourselves but also allow us to develop, market and sell products online.

This book developed out of my consulting on social media with my design clients and as the social media consultant to Bill Gentile’s Backpack Journalism Workshops.

Available in paper back at and shortly on Kindle.

How to Stand Out Online: Simple Techniques to be Found Online Using Social Media and the Web