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2013 Predictions from the Boston Marketing Meetup Group

The Boston Internet Marketing Meetup Group which I am a co-director meets in a Google Hangout on a regular weekly basis as well as at live events. The three directors, Lew Sabbag, Keith Spiro and myself, recently met and pulled together our predictions for 2013 and where we see the internet going for the next year.  Using Google Hangout has been an excellent way for us to meet and it has also given us the ability to broadcast live over YouTube. Our predictions meetup was also matched  with a live event where we polled the audience for their views.

Predictions included
1. The continual falling of the gatekeepers for publishing, marketing, video broadcast and distribution
2. The merging of personal and business in social media, specifically in Facebook
3. The power of Amazon as it moves through all areas of commerce
4. The power of graphic designers and English Majors, or as I see it, anyone that can create content is going to win and be able to distribute
5. Mobile and Local merging together
6. Publishing will be redefined