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Show 4, How to Interview Someone Using Video, 2013 Predictions and Blog Idea

Show 4, 2013 Predictions, How to do a Video Interview, Blog Idea, Bruce Jones Design Show, with your host Bruce Jones

• Fall of the Gate Keepers in publishing, video/broadcasting, marketing and distribution
• The merging of personal and business in Facebook and other social media platforms
• The explosion of video in all areas of marketing
• If you are a content producer this is your golden age
• The power of Amazon in all areas of commerce

“I have the opportunity to do a quick video interview with a top celebrity in my field at an upcoming conference. They do know me but will be a quick on the fly kind of thing. He may be surrounded by other fans, so I many only have 1-2 minutes with them.”

My questions are about how to make the best of my short interview opportunity?

1. In addition to a quick interview question, I would love to get a quick video testimonial for my latest project, can I ask that?

2. Eye Focus — should I have this person look straight at me, at the camera, or off to the side, interview style?

3. Should I shoot this person myself while I ask him questions, or should I hand the camera to someone else and show me interviewing him.

4. Should I use the mic from the camera or have a separate one?

1. If this is going to be a public video and you only have a very short amount of time to act, think what would be the one or two questions people want to know about your subject, and ask those. At the end of the interview ask if you can get a quick testimonial for your project, but base it on how the interview went. If it went well than grab a testimonial if it did not go well maybe just grab a picture. They don’t know your project so be careful of putting them on the spot.

I try to have my questions written down so that I won’t forget them. Your interviewee will appreciate it and you can quickly move from question to questions. Remember to get at least a video ok for you to use this recording on you website or YouTube, people don’t like to be trapped.

2. Have your subject look at you but have the camera close to your face. My goal with interviews is to always treat the person nice if you have a 2nd mic you can use it but often people don’t know what to do with it. Just keep the camera are nice and close and your audio should be fine.

3. Never hand anybody your camera, you only have one shot at getting this interview and you don’t know what people are going to do with your camera. People can do strange things with the camera, they want to take over and be a director. They may try to move you around and take different pictures. They don’t shoot what you want, they move the camera around too much, they cut off heads and they don’t push the record button.

In a case like this where you have a celebrity you want to go for the sure thing. You just want to shoot the shot straight on so you know you have it and hopefully it isn’t too noisy, and the lighting is okay. Sometimes you can swing the person around to get better lighting. Moments like this you always want to go for the sure shot, forget about being creative.

4. I usually use the mic in the camera or a shotgun mic that I have added. I shoot a lot of TV for local public access and I’m always doing interviews on a run and gun style and don’t have time to mic someone up. You only have one time to get the sound bite, usually on-the-fly, often in a parking lot or the library, parade or classroom. The goal is to get the soundbite and get out. The mics in today’s cameras are excellent and if the room is fairly quiet you should be ok. If you have a handheld be sure the person holds it up to their mouth like an ice cream cone.

A key thing here is never to turn your camera off once you start. You can always cover up some footage with something else but you can’t go back and get more video. When you go into the interview have the camera rolling, never say okay let’s get started 3 2 1. Just have the camera on before you need it and don’t turn the camera off until the person is gone. Best quotes come after the interview was over and here is. And here’s one of my rules, be nice to them and thank them when your done and then leave.

Post questions and answers that your customers should be asking but don’t.