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Marketing Your Services with Video

I recently completed a corporate capabilities video for a client that explains some of the services that he performs. Rob Miller is a partner at Braver Group outside of Boston and Rob is an expert in Service Organization Controls Reporting or SOC Reports. This is a form of independent auditing that reviews the internal controls of service organizations. They are becoming more important for securing key customers. Rob needed a video that answered many of the questions that a potential client might have about a SOC report. To produce this video I had him come up with some of the key questions that he might receive. I asked them and he answered them. I then edited out my part and replaced them with text on the screen. It came out great and now gives him a way of delivering his message in a personal and informative way.

Rob has been getting some excellent feedback from potential new clients that have seen the video. To learn more about SOC Reports visit the Braver Group Site