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Our New Book to Get You Started Blogging Has a Title

I have been running a very interesting experiment on my new book on blogging. The book is filled with ideas to kick start your creative juices and get your blogging going. Blogging can be tough sometimes, it is hard to keep coming up with idea. I have struggle though with what the title of this book should be. So what I did was ask the world. I crowd sourced it over 4 different Facebook groups and pages that I belong to.

My title efforts were shown to over 4,000 people connected to 4 different FB groups. In the process I collected about 25 comments, it has been very interesting.  I really liked some of the comments, it neat to see how people see and interpreted what I am trying to do. In the previous post I laid out 5 different titles and subtitle for everyone to look at and make comments.

Most people liked idea #3. “52 Blog Ideas for Business: A New Question Every Week to Spark Your Business Blogging.” Within 2 minutes of posting I had responses, with the first one rrearranging the order of the words in the subtitle, making it way better. The person switched Week from the middle of the subtitle to the front and making it Weekly. “Weekly Questions” is way better than “Questions Every Week.” Over the next several days a lot of other great comments came in.

Here are some of the title ideas:

  • 52 Blog Topics to Inspire Your Business Blog
  • Business Blogging: 52 Great Ideas to Spark Your Blog
  • Business Blogging: Great Questions to Inspire You 52 Weeks of the Year
  • Blog Blaster: 52 Quick and Easy Steps to Improve Your Blogging
  • 52 Quick and Easy Steps to Take Your Blogging to the Next Level
  • 52 Weeks To Better Blogs – or – 52 Better Blogs – 52 Best Blogs
  • Your Blog Written For You For A Year
  • 52 Weeks to Better Blogs … or 52 Ways to Reignite Your Business Blog
  • Get Unstuck” 52 Questions to Spark Your Business Blog Writing
  • Ignite Your Blog: 52 Ideas to Challenge Your Business
  • Subtitle: Weekly Questions to Spark Your Creativity

So what I did was combine several of these ideas and pull together a title. I am pleased with the process and the result.

52 Ideas to Inspire Your Business Blog: Weekly Questions to Spark Your Blogging Creativity

I find that Facebook groups are very powerful and can be filled with some excellent questions and answers. It is very easy to participate in a group and get involved. I encourage it. Next is pull together the cover and finish up any editing.