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How to SEO Optimize Your YouTube Video from Dr. Anthony and Market Samurai

Dr. Anthony Fernando at Market Samurai put out an excellent video recently on how to optimize your YouTube SEO and get your videos to rank. Market Samurai is a company that helps you figure out how to find keyword phrases and get your websites and content found online.

Great tips from Market Samurai and Dr. Anthony on getting your video found and the YouTube SEO process
• Create a good quality video
• Keyword, Align your video title and description with the keywords people are actually searching for.
• If you used the Google Keyword Tool  or Market Samurai and searched on your main keyword phrase you can use the phrases that show up as title and subject matter for future videos. All of these phrases are aligned with your main topic
• Search in Google on one of the phrases you discover and see if any videos show up in Google search, if not make a video that fits in that slot

11 Tips on how to optimize your new video for both YouTube and Google

1. Make sure the keyword phrase is in the title of the video
2. Make sure the keyword phrase is also included in the description
3. Make sure the keyword phrases are in the tags or keywords for the video
4. Use the keyword in the file name of the video, don’t have a name like but more like
5. Upload high-def videos, upload the best quality you can, YouTube wants their views to have the best experience
6. Have your video transcribed, included the transcript in the close-caption, Google will index your transcription, Create at 300-500 word description with the http: url first.
7. Make sure your user engagement is active, YouTube tracks Views, Inbound links, Social shares, Embeds, Comments, Responses, Likes, Thumbs up/down, Favorites, so you want as much engagement as you can. Ask in the video for subscribers, comments, like, etc.
8. Send out a email with a link to your video
9. Always allow embedding
10. Try embedding your video on a high-Page Ranking page
11. Respond to comments, engage with your viewers
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