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Interview with Bill Gentile and Bruce Jones about the Online Video Journalism Workshop Course

I just recorded a live Google Hangout to YouTube broadcast with journalist Bill Gentile about the Online Video Journalism Workshop Course. Our 15 part online video course.

The course is made up of 15 videos that take you through the entire process of discovering and developing, interviewing, production, editing and marketing a compelling video story.

  • Video 1: Introduction, Meet the Students and Outline of the Video Journalism Workshop
  • Video 2:  The Backpack Journalism Methodology and Components of Character
  • Video 3: Participatory Observation, Conversation and 12 Elements of the Visual Language
  • Video 4: How to Tell a Story Using the 6 Shot System, Informal Interviews and Developing Your Controlling Idea
  • Video 5: Student Critiques, Reviewing the First Day of Student Shooting
  • Video 6: Student Review, Proposals and Case Study of the film “Echos of War”
  • Video 7: Video Journalism Workshop, Students Controlling Idea
  • Video 8: How to Conduct and Properly Use a Formal Sit Down Interview in Your Piece
  • Video 9: Transition to Post-Production, the Dramatic Arc and the Case Study “Voice of Hope”
  • Video 10: Morning Student Reviews for Day 3, Script Writing
  • Video 11: Case Study: “Nurses Needed”, Identifying Characters
  • Video 12: Editing, Case Studies and More Student Project Reviews
  • Video 13: Narration and Conversation, Case Study: “The Forgotten War”
  • Video 14: Student Work Presentation
  • Video 15: I Made My Video Now What?, social media talk by Bruce Jones on the next steps

To learn more about the Video Journalism Workshop Click Here