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Week 3: Answer the #1 Questions Your Customers Should Be Asking

Week 3: Customer Questions. For today’s blog post I want you to write about questions your customers should ask when they work with a company like yours. These are the questions that they might not be asking but that would help make for a more informed customer. This is Week 3 from the book “52 Ideas to Inspire your Business Blog” where we ask you a weekly question to spark your blogging creativity.

In every transaction there are some general questions that should be asked but often are not; answers that would really help the project move forward but for one reason or another they get missed. You can really help your clients by answering those key questions that they should be asking.

These can be the customer support questions, or Frequently Asked Questions, or customer service questions. All of these are important and you can jump start and answer these questions before they are even asked.

Additional Blog Ideas:
• Answer a common new-customer question in your niche. Maybe you run a fly fishing tour company and one of your Frequently Asked Questions is “Can I bring my spouse?”

Week 3: Customer Questions
Week 3: Write and Post on Your Blog Your Main Customer Questions