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Video 1, Learning How to Tell Compelling Stories Using Video

We are in the launch mode for my new course The Online Video Journalism Workshop. I will be releasing a series of 4 videos about the course and its features over the next few weeks. The first video highlights the state of and the changes that have been happening with video journalism. I interview the creator of the Video Journalism Workshop, Bill Gentile. Bill teaches us how to deconstruct a story in the field. Break it down to the essential components, film them, and put them all back together into a compelling story once you get back to your editing studio.

The course takes you through the process of researching and learning about characters, and their settings, observing and collecting information, interviewing, editing, assembling, and delivering the video for distribution.

To produce our videos we are doing them live using Google Hangout On Air and sending them out through YouTube. This is a little bit guerrilla, but producing video can be time-consuming and there is nothing like live to make you work and get it done. On Air is an amazing feature of Google Hangout and the ability to distribute your message globally for just about free.

One of the more amazing changes going on is the ability to broadcast your message live and around the world for almost no money. NBC spent 4 Billion dollars broadcasting the Olympics, we can broadcast to the same audience for free.

To learn more about the Video Journalism Workshop please visit our website.