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Video Journalism Workshop #2: The Six-Shot System for Photographing a Story

In video #2 we will learn about the Video Journalism Workshop’s Six Shot System for capturing the images needed to tell a story

In Video 1 we talked about a methodology of deconstruction a story in the field and then reassembling it in your studio. In this video we will show you one of the techniques taught in the Online Video Journalism Workshop of how to capture images so you can tell compelling visual story

To tell stories with this methodology we need to learn how to visually deconstructing a story in the field. Break it down to all its components, film those elements and then when you are back in the editing studio and in post production you reconstructing it and send out to the world.

The Six Shot System
The Six Shot System is a technique, an approach to help you generate a sufficient number of compelling, coherent images to build a powerful visual story. It allows you to deconstruct a scene visually, analyze what needs to be shot so that you can shoot it and then have enough material to to re-construct the scene back at your studio in post-production. What we are producing are a series of Clips that will be combined in Sequences to build Scenes and then a Story.

1. Extreme Close Up- XCU
2. Close Up-CU
3. Medium Shot-MS
4. Wide Shot-WS
5. Over the Shoulder-OTS
6. Extra Wide Shot XWS

Each video snap shots should be 20 seconds each. We will make clips of images that move but we won’t be moving the camera. In the 20 second time frame we can be pretty sure that something or somebody will move in the frame and we can use this action as an edit point to move to the next clip.

This technique also works best when you are in a place where people are doing a repetitive action. Something that you can shoot many different ways.

To Learn More
The Video Journalism Workshop is a course on how to do this story telling technique and others, you can learn more at

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This video was produced using Google Hangout On Air pushed out through YouTube to a global audience. I highly recommend trying this method of producing videos and shows. It is quick and when you are done, you are done.