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How to Publish Your Own Book, Getting Started

I have been publishing my own books for quite a while now and have produced over 21 titles. My books range from music chord books, geography books for coloring and for education, business books on YouTube, social media and blogging. They range from actual written books to coloring books to books that enable you to write music on blank sheet music. It has been a lot of fun and has become a nice little income stream.  You can see many of my books here on the blog on my Books page, you can also visit my Amazon author page which is part of the marketing efforts.

One of my next projects is to share this knowledge with my readers. Taking you through the process of making, publishing and promoting your own book. The process that I have learned and practiced. I recently wrote a long post called How to Self-Publish Your Book: Publishing 3.0 which is a good place to get started. Watch the this blog for more info to come.