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Where Do I Sell My Book?

By Bruce Jones
With the advent of e-books, pdf, print on demand and non-exclusive rights we now have many many places and ways to sell our books. Once you have your book complete I recommend that you look at selling your book on several sites.

The top places to sell your book are:
Start with Amazon and then branch out. Amazon is the largest online retailer and it is a very fair company to work with.
• Kindle e-books
• CreateSpace for print-on-demand physical books, enhanced distribution books will sell on many web based stores
• Audio book
• Be sure to select the enhanced distribution.

Apple’s iBookstore
• e-books, epub format
• Use iBookAuthor to create an interactive book for sale on iPads and Mac computer

Barns & Noble
• Nook e-books, ePub format
• If you select enhanced distribution on Amazon for your print books they will appear here also

Kobo, e-Readers
• e-Books, epub format, has an online book authoring tool which is pretty cool.

Google Books
• ePub and pdf format
• connections to other online retailers
• Lulu is a print-on-demand site like CreateSpace but they also have a lot of different binding options. Most of the online sites also have some kind of publishing tool, lots of templates to work with and everyone gets a sales page.
• Aggregates ePub books across many different e-readers and companies, something like 80 players

Your Own Site
• pdf or ePub, using a services like, or for handling the money and hosting the files.
• Set up your own sales pages and direct traffic to the sites above like Amazon. I highly recommend doing this.

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