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Types of Books You Can Create and Where to Make Them

By Bruce Jones

Books come in all kinds of styles now, not just hardcover, but paperback, electronic, video, and audio. Below is a list of just some of the kinds for books that you can create. Because you now control the rights you can easily move between styles of books. Below is a partial list of what you can do.

Print-on-Demand Books
Kindle Direct Publishing/Amazon,,,
Barns & Noble Publishing,

Amazon Kindle,
iBook/iTunes, iBookAuthor

Photo Books
Photobook reviews,
Photo Book Girls
Photobook of your Facebook page, record your life,

Kindle Enhanced Editions
Kindlebooks enhanced with audio and video, new Kindle/Amazon channel opening up. Amazon is pushing all these different formats together, Audio and Video books sell for much more than straight Kindle books. This is matching up with the new Kindle readers coming out.

Photo Books
Photo book reviews,
Photo Book Girl

Locate a book or workbook, or course on your site and sell using, or PayPal. and both will host and store your pdf book file and accept payment. Basically, they give you an online store without you having to do all the work. One advantage of selling your own PDF books is that you get to keep all the money.