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10 Reasons to Get Going with Your Book and Self-Publishing

By Bruce Jones

Mark Coker, the founder of, the e-book agitator, has written an excellent article on their blog about the future of self-publishing and indie authors. He talks about the continuing growth of the indie book market and what is happening to traditional publishing. It is an amazing time to be writing and publishing, there are just so many opportunities.

I basically agree with pretty much all of his 10 points. It mirrors everything that I see. As I just wrote in next weeks e-newsletter I have been in business for just about 30 years as a graphic designer. I can almost count on one hand how many questions I have gotten on graphic design over that period of time. A few years ago I starting writing and publishing my own books with great success. I now get asked questions almost everyday on how others can do the same.

Below I have summarized the key points, click on the link below to check out the entire article and get writing and publishing.

These are Mark Coker’s words, (hope that is ok)
1. Print will continue to decline
2. Brick and mortar bookstores will continue to close
3. The perceived value of publishers will decline
4. Indie authors have learned to publish like professionals
5. The number of self-published ebooks will explode
6. The most successful indie authors are mentoring the next generation of authors
7. The stigma once associated with self publishing is melting away
8. Writers are discovering the joy of self publishing
9. Readers don’t care about the publisher name
10. The growing rift, [dealing with publishers can be a pain]

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