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Google+, What It Is and How it Works

By Bruce Jones
I recently gave a presentation to the Legal Marketing Association/New England (LMA), Social Media Group on what is Google+ and how does it work to enhance and build out your social media presence. It went pretty well, and was well received.

I have to admit I started out not really caring much about Google+ because I didn’t really understand it or how it works. After doing all the research to prepare for the presentation I have flipped around 180 degrees on my opinion. It is very powerful and offers a lot of tools to help advance your social media efforts.

I had a nice comment on the presentation from one of the participants

Thanks for sharing these slides!
Your presentation was great and has challenged me to become active on Google+!

For the presentation I also put together a document with all of my notes and some resources that goes along with the presentation. Feel free to download the notes.

Why Google Presentation Bruce Jones