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Publishing Tuesday 4/1/14, Connect with Your Readers

By Bruce Jones
My weekly list of ideas and news to help you Write, Edit, Design, Publish, and Market your books

Maybe we have made it through the winter, it is about time, to bring on the flowers

There are a lot of great ways to connect with your readers online, here are three. are all such great places I thought I would list them out also.
Amazon Author Page

Three pretty easy marketing ideas for your book, the email signature idea is a no-brainer (page takes a while to load, give it a moment)
Promoting your book starts way before you start writing it, here are 71 things your can do to get started
Most of my books are published using the print-on-demand side of Amazon. Here is a basic step-by-step article to get you started on how to publish a book using CreateSpace.

How to build buzz for your book using Social Media by Peg Fitzpatrick, some nice straightforward tips

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