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15 Favorite Social Media Tips, PodCast

Just recorded my first podcast using GarageBand and SoundCloud, it went pretty easy. The podcast was a list of my favorite social media tips.

I also posted it on Google+ and that works really well. This embed code looks a little strange with that big face going on, but see if I can fix it. Below are the tips from the podcast

Bruce’s Social Media Tips, How I Use Social Media
• Connect yourself to the popular social media platforms, Google and Google+, Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube. Along with your website/blog

• Make sure you have filled in all of the profile and settings boxes on all of your social media platforms. Including a profile picture. Make sure the information is consistent across all platforms.

• Cross link each platform as much as you can to the other platforms, share your content

• Post content on a regular basis on your blog or on a social media platform. Once you post, re-post or share on all of the other platforms. At least once a month preferable once a week.

• Figure out where your audience hangs out and release content in their mode. It may be different for different people. Get in front of your audience.

• Build an email list, it is all in the list, have a give away to thank people for signing up, set up an auto responder series, include a follow up survey or question email to poll your audience.

• Make sure there are clear channels of communication from your social media back to your home website or blog and then clear channels to you. Don’t hide behind your website, be open for connecting.

• Get involved in special interest groups and build connections and participate. Facebook and Linkedin are both good for this.

• Answer and reply to all posts and comments if you can

• I am an active member in FaceBook groups, answering questions, posting. Liking. Teaching if I see something that might help the members.

• FaceBook works best for me as an outgoing, engaging platform. I use it to establish leadership positions, involvement and connections.

• YouTube works to bring traffic into my sites, you must participate in the comments to make it work. Google rewards you for this

• Try to bring people over to your main website and bring them into your mailing list.

• Social media is for building fans and leads and getting them into your email list where you can nurture them into prospects and clients