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Publishing Tuesday 4/8/2014, Using Video to Promote Your Book

In this week’s podcast I am highlighting several of the articles from my weekly newsletter on Writing, Editing, Designing, Publishing, and Marketing your book. Below are some articles that might help you in your efforts.

With this checklist from The Future of Ink you can build your own marketing campaign.
Building a marketing campaign from the

Did you know that April is National Book Blogging Month (NaBoBloMO), Tip books make great topics. The point is that you can take your expertise and turn it into a book and publish it on Kindle is a very short amount of time.
Tip books are one of many different kinds of books you can make from

Some very interesting ideas on how to improve your writing, mostly for blog titles but think about how you will be promoting your book and the articles you will need to write.
Building your blog or book titles from

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By Bruce Jones, Author of How to Publish Your Book, A Beginners Guide