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Publishing Tuesday, 4/15/14, Public Domain Images and Book Marketing

A weekly list of ideas and news to help you Write, Edit, Design, Publish, and Market your books

Marianne Manthey of Design Your Own has put together some excellent resources for Public Domain, Creative Commons and Royalty Free photos. It is always hard to find this info and these are pretty good lists.

Part 1: Public Domain Images

Part 2: Creative Commons Images

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Launching Your Book
Getting your book off on a successful launch can often be super important to its success. This post NY Book takes you through the basic steps.

Marketing Your Book
Most of my calls about book publishing lately have been about how to market a book once it is published. Unfortunately this might be to late. Ideally you should start the marketing the day your start the writing or even earlier. But if not here are 71 ideas to help get your book out there. This is a topic I will be writing more on in the future

Print-On-Demand Publisher, one of the major players in the Print-on-Demand world has been putting through some upgrades and changes. Read more about the updates

Check out Lulu’s site

I would love to hear about what is your big question about publishing your book? Please drop me an email or post a comment and I will see if I can answer it.

By Bruce Jones