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How to Make a Book Trailer Video with Your Smartphone

Learn how to make a book trailer video using your smartphone, iPhone, Android phone, iPad or any device that will record video and that connect to the web. In this video I take you through the easy steps. Your book trailer video should cover 4 basic topics and be 1 to 2 minutes long:

1. Who you are, you name
2. What you have got, the name of the book
3. What the book will do for you and what you will learn, use your Table of Contents to come up with your list of key points
4. What you want the viewer to do next, buy your book on, go to your website, give them a call to action.

Smart phone work great for making nice simple, one take video book trailers. The quality is great and if you record in a quiet place the audio will be just fine. You can always improve later but smart phones work very well for this purpose. The key is use the device that is in your pocket.

Key point for quality is to make your smartphone nice and stable, use a small tripod from a store such as Radio Shack or from a site like Also turn off any radios or fans that might make extra noise.

To help you out I put together a couple of handouts that you can pick up at, just subscribe to our email list. Signup is over on the right, includes:

• Fast Start Video Tips, 12 tips for your YouTube Channel and Video
• Sample Video Scripts

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Tripod was a Targus 7″ Tripod & Mount, Universal Portable Mount for SmartPhones, bought at Radio Shack, there are lots at also