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Shaping Your Life, Setting Goals and Getting a Ferrari

Bruce sitting in a Ferrari putting a real car to his goals
Bruce sitting in his fantasy Ferrari putting a real car to his goals

At the recent Make Market Launch It conference in San Diego I connected with some people that had a tremendous effect on me and really altered my direction in life. Through a casual introduction I met three Australians, Amanda Jane Parish, Kate Murfet and Grahame Reeese. All three came together and were here to learn about making products. The Make Market Launch It program is about making products. During the weekend long event we all became fast friends and resulted in producing and launching, “Ten Tips to Change Your World” a Kindle book by Amanda and getting it to #15 in Motivation on Amazon. It was quite an accomplishment. There was a tremendous amount of positive energy flowing, which has continued well past the conference.

One of the benefits of all this energy is that it has given me some great insights into what directions I want to take with my business over the next couple of years. In the course of all the learning Grahame told me a story about positive thinking and setting goals. He told a story about how if you choose say to buy a Ferrari, the world starts to realign itself so that you get the Ferrari. Somewhere out in the world the doors start coming together, the wheels start moving towards the axels. Different parts of the universe start lining up so that at some point you can get the Ferrari.

You then think, oh can’t afford the Ferrari and almost instantly the Ferrari disappears from your grasp. A very simple story that has powerful implications for your life. After Grahame told me the story I started to think about it and realized that you could think your way to the Ferrari. I found that I now am vetting decisions in my life against getting the Ferrari. If I choose this way I get closer to the Ferrari and if I choose that way I move away from the Ferrari. Even simple decisions are now being run by the Ferrari goal. It is quite amazing.

I was telling Amanda about this and how powerful it has become to me, and what I choose to do. She suggested that I go and take a test drive in a Ferrari. Funny thing, there is a Ferrari dealership about a mile from my office. So on Monday while out driving I decided to stop by the dealership and ask them if I could at least sit in one their cars and have my picture taken. I told my story to the salesman of how I am expanding my business and using this story to help me focus. He said, “sure I can help you reach your goals.” So off we went, down a line of amazing Ferrari and stopped at a beautiful red convertible car. I think it was a California Ferrari, but not sure. I got in and the salesman took a couple of pictures. What a car, all that leather and the red. It was just so cool, a big thank you to Ferrari of New England in Norwood, MA for letting me do this. Before all these events of the past several weeks I couldn’t image myself walking into a high-end car dealer and asking them if I could sit in their cars, but now, yes.

And who knows with such a positive reception at the dealership and getting my business to grow I just might be back.

Bruce sitting in a beautiful red Ferrari convertible
Bruce sitting in a beautiful red Ferrari convertible. It was a pretty cool thing to do and the salesman was very accommodating.