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Cats Love to Play, New Children’s Picture Book from Bruce Jones

cats love to play, children's picture book
Cats Love to Play

I am pleased to announce the release of my newest book, Cats Love to Play. This book is the first of 5 children’s picture books that I will release over the next several months.

Cats Love to Play, is from the new Animals Love To series by J. Bruce Jones. In this new children’s picture book we get to play along with our favorite cat or kitten as they do all the things we love so much about them. We see them run, eat, play with string, sit up high, sleep on the sofa. With beautiful pictures and text this book is perfect for beginning reading with your young child or cat lover at heart.

The pictures show cats, kittens sitting in cozy chairs, playing the piano, hiding in boxes and baskets, watching birds and sleeping on sofas. We know cats love to play with butterflies, sleep in baskets, drink water, have their tummies rubbed and look out windows. We all know kittens love to sit on your computer. We love how these felines clean themselves, get scratched, hang in the laundry, be totally surprised, and walk on fences. While some cats like to sit in windows others love to play in the yard, have their hair brushed, sit on your phone, and watch fish. See all these in the new book, Cats Love to Play.

Check out my new book at Cats Love to Play