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Creating Photobooks with Your Smart Phone

I just had a great interview by Keith Shannon of Instant Authority Expert Podcast on my publishing efforts and one of the products I mentions was the Mosaic app that grabs images off your phone and assembles them into a 20 page book that you can print and publish. It was so easy to make this book that you could easily go to an event, take 20 pictures, load them into Mosaic on your phone and you have a great gift for your host. It was really cool. You can fine out more at Below are some images from one of my book projects using the Mosaic app. You can also search in the app store. To hear the podcast with Keith please connect with the earlier post, Click Here.

The Mosaic book comes in this cool box.
The Mosaic book comes in this cool box.
photo 3
The book arrives in a box with a cool cover wrap. Inside you can see how it sits in the box.