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Interview with Stephanie Bavaro, The Making of a #1 Best Seller

As a graphic designer these days we are called upon to help with many aspects of a project. Not only must we do design, but also marketing, social media, video, all kinds of stuff. Having a love of publishing and now selling around 300 books a month on my own, I get asked to help with a lot of book projects. As was the case recently with Stephanie Bavaro where I was asked to step in and help with her book launch. The result was that Stephanie’s book went to #1 international best seller status in 4 countries. Very cool.

Stephanie was very nice and granted me an interview on the process of making a best selling book. Some great lessons here. In this interview Stephanie takes us through the process of how she made her new book “GREATful Woman Talks!: Volume 1: Giving From Your Overflow Starts with Self-Care!” and brought it to #1 best seller status in 4 countries and 6 categories.

Stephanie talks about putting the book together, building her publishing platform, social media, launch day, her team behind the scenes, what has happened since and lessons learned.

GREATful Woman Talks, Vol 1 is available at

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