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Announcing the Launch of My “Publish Your Book with Bruce” Coaching Program

Work with me and get your book published on Amazon. I am now accepting a limited number of new clients in my Publish Your Book with Bruce Coaching Program, lets get your book published and up on Amazon selling.

You will work one-on-one with me and learn how to get your book published. You are going to do the work, I am going to show you how to take your book from manuscript to published author. We will work over Skype or Google Hangout or depending where you are in person.

Who am I and Why Should You Pay Attention to Me?
I am the author and creator of 30 books and years of designing books for others, I know how to do it. I have years of experience designing, publishing and marketing books. My books range from business books, music books, children’s books, coloring and text books. I have books on CreateSpace/, Kindle, and, hard cover, paperback and e-books, both pdf and electronic. Books can be a powerful marketing tool, let me help you bring yours to life. Call me at 781-255-7171 and we can discuss your project and see if you are a good fit. I consult with many authors and help them with their projects.

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