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Publishing Tuesday Newsletter, 12/16/2014

Winter has hit in many parts of the country. We have been lucky so far in the Boston area, but I know it is coming. Be sure to read the second article below, it is excellent on being a publisher. Also be sure to check out the 3 part series on launching your book

Having a newsletter is a lot of work, just getting this simple one out is hard, but they can be very powerful for building your presence and promoting your products. Penny Sansevieri gives us some great tips on building one.

On of the best articles I have read on being a publisher, which we all are if we self-publish our books.

12 Tips on how to create a mailing lists to sell more books by Penny Sansevieri. Your mailing list is one of the most important elements of you book platform

I have got to be doing this. How to use Slideshare to promote your book. Think of Slideshare as YouTube for PowerPoint presentations.

A 3 part series on launching your book from Launching is always tough and this series gives you some great tips

Part 1, All about your writer platform

Part 2, The nine elements you need for your launch page

Part 3, You just launched your book, now what