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My Three Words for 2015 – Create, Grow, Change

Create, Grow, ChangeThe three words you are going to use for the year to frame your goals and intentions has become quite popular. Chris Brogan and others have used it a lot to give them direction for the year. Chris’s words for 2015 are Plan, Leverage, Fabric.

My words for 2015 are Create, Grow, Change.

Create: finally build out my online course, get it done. I actually have two that I am working on. One on how to publish your book. Something I help authors do a lot with now. And the other course is using my editable PowerPoint maps and wrap a course around them on how to build a sales territory maps for sales managers. I also want to increase my other book and map products, but the courses are important.

Grow: Grow my audience and grow my position in the how to publish your book market. Increase my presence along with my products in this market. I had some great success in 2014 and I want to continue it.

Change: I have been working hard over the last 4 years to move myself from being an active freelance designer to more of a product developer, creator and marketer. I would like to speed up this transition to the next stage of life, where ever that takes me. My youngest daughter is graduating college, I have turned 60 and I am looking forward to what is next after 30 years of being a freelance designer. I will still keep doing client work but looking for the next chapter and change.

What are your 3 words, share them and let the world know. To learn more about the three words check out Chris Brogan’s post, My 3 Words for 2015.