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10 Tips on How to Make Your Blog Work for Your Marketing

Making Blogs Work for Your BusinessOne of my big points about marketing on-line and having a blog/website is that you can look at the stats and get a good sense of what people are interested in. Blogs generally work easier for this but websites work also especially if you add graphics with alt tags. I always recommend that you put out a variety of content on your topic and off your topic and constantly test and see what happens. You are crowd sourcing your content. We don’t know who we are, the world knows who we are. Our job is it try and figure how the world sees us and match ourselves up with that view. If we can match it can lead to great success.

The question is often why do this, one answer is to see what people like, market research.  But generally it is almost impossible to figure out why people come to our sites and what they want. Second is the ability to use this information and connect back with your visitors and advance our business. This article by Pat Flynn from his blog SmartPassiveIncome gives you the tools of what to do with these popular posts after people arrive. There are some great tips here.

10 Specific Strategies to Make Your ‘Most Popular Posts’ Work Even Harder For You