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Lets Make and Publish Your Book Today, This Month, Right Now!!!!

Publish Your Book TodayYes you can write and publish your book right now. It is not that hard, you can do it. Join me on the journey of getting your book done. I have been procrastinating building a course on how to publish your book. Well that has to stop and I have to get this done. I am putting my stake in the ground and am starting. We will do it together.

The course I am working on breaks down into 7 topics:
1. How to pull together the outline for your book, your subject
2. Writing and Editing, expanding out your subject matter
. Includes templates and worksheets.
3. Design, Layout and formatting the insides of your book based on where you are publishing it, Kindle, paperback/CreateSpace/Amazon or quick print
4. Design, layout and formatting of the Cover for one of those 3 formats. Includes templates and worksheets.

5. File prep and getting your book ready for uploading, setting up your publishing accounts
6. Uploading your book files, step-by-step for Kindle and CreatSpace
7. Marketing your book, basic tips anyone can do

Bonus. Re-purposing your content for other products.

The Beta version of the course is now live, 7 Steps to Publishing Your Book This Year