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Beta Release: 7 Steps to Publishing Your Book Course is Live

I am announcing the Beta release of my 7 Steps to Publishing Your Book Course. This course will be releasing over the next number of weeks as I complete the content. The course includes videos, handouts and worksheets. 7 Steps to Publishing Your Book is designed for the new or beginning author that has started or wants to start their book but just doesn’t know what to do next in putting it all together. One of the more common questions I get asked when I am consulting with authors is “Whats Next?” So during the course release I will be surveying members, getting feedback and adjusting so we build the kind of course that gets your books published up on Amazon. I hope you join in and learn how to publish your book.

To signup for the course please click here

The course is broken down into 7 Modules:

7 steps to publishing your book1. Your Best Tips, How to pull together the outline for your book and focusing on your subject.
Modules One video are up: Starting Tips to Get Your Writing Started and Building Your Platform.
2. Writing and Editing, expanding out your subject matter. Includes templates and worksheets. Video are up.
3. Design, Layout and Formatting the Interior of your book based on where you are publishing it, Kindle, paperback/CreateSpace/Amazon, local quick print or pdf. I have the Kindle Formatting the book interior videos and now complete and up. CreateSpace to come
4. Design, Layout and Formatting of the Cover for one of those 4 formats. Includes templates and worksheets. We have a pretty good case study set of videos on building a book cover for a CreateSpace paperback book with the author Ed Morneau. He stopped by and I was able to sit down with him and record the session
5. Publishing Your Book, File prep and getting your book ready for uploading, setting up your publishing accounts
6. Uploading your Book Files, step-by-step for Kindle and CreateSpace
7. Marketing your Book, Video and pdf on basic tips anyone can do to market their book is now up and also a two part video on building your book blog.

Bonus. Re-purposing your content for other products.

Course Update: Doing good, lots of video now in and I have move the course to a new membership site with some better organization

I am offering an entry level price while we are in Beta and that will rise as the modules become completed. Current price is $79.95